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Bacon Flavored Water-Soluble CBD Drops for Pets (300mg) - 30mL

Bacon Flavored Water-Soluble CBD Drops for Pets (300mg) - 30mL


Our Bacon Flavored Water-Soluble CBD oil drops for pets offer a pure and fast-acting solution for natural tension relief, reduced feelings of stress and anxiety, and better pain management. Help your pet find physical comfort and emotional stability with the power of our all-natural, plant-based product. 

Compared to standard, oil-based products, our water-soluble CBD drops hit the bloodstream faster and are up to 15 times more bioavailable, for faster acting and longer lasting relief. CBD oil works naturally to promote overall wellness and healthy pain management, as it calms your pet’s body and mind..

Make our water-soluble CBD drops a part of your pet's routine to get their body into a healthy and steady pattern of feeling reduced stress and anxiety so that when the sun shines, they can too. Our CBD Oil Drops have been carefully crafted to help your pet achieve better physical and mental balance. U.S. Farm Bill Compliant. 

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